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    7 Makeup Tutorials for your Halloween

    So, are you ready for Halloween? I hope so. Halloween is IMO a great holiday: you get to dress up, do crazy things with makeup and go out with friends for a fun afternoon/night. It’s a chance to be playful again, like we used to be when we were kids.

    Here in NYC Halloween is one of the best nights of the year, and it kicks off with the famous Halloween Parade that happens in the Village since 1974. If you happen to be here for Halloween, I highly recommend going out and starting your night with the Parade.

    I was looking for inspiration for my own Halloween makeup I came across these great tutorials that I want to share with you. These ladies are all very talented and the tutorials range from easy to difficult. Check it out:

    SmartistaBeauty made an Evil Jester that I totally loved it. The tutorial may be a little tricky for beginners, but I still want to share because you could use it as inspiration for something a bit simpler.



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