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    The Copycats

    Good morning, darlings!

    As always, hope all is well with you. Today I want talk about something that we often don’t talk about: people that don’t know what to do, so they copy everything others are doing: the copycats! Since forever there’s been people like this: they don’t know how to create themselves, so they end up:

    1) Getting into “fads”, trying to do whatever they think it’s cool at the moment, going in the same direction as everybody else, in hopes that they will get noticed or at least, stay relevant;

    2) Using others and copying everything they do, sometimes to the “T”

    In the first case we see tons of people talking about the same subject in hopes of gaining more views/clicks/retwittes/likes/followers. Yeah, we are free to talk about whatever we want, but honestly if you are one more talking head without bringing ANYTHING new to the discussion, maybe you should drop it.

    The Copycats

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