I am just a simple girl, born and raised in Brazil, but based in New York for many years now. I am married to my awesome handsome soulmate, Danijel and we have a beautiful little princess Laura.

My life has been a crazy and very intense journey. It was just recently, when I became a mom that I realized it was time for some changes. I was just not very happy with the way I was living my life. Becoming a mom made me see things from a different perspective. I just felt the need for more purpose and I wanted to achieve that by doing some type of work that puts me in the position of serving and helping.

Regiane Rosa
I am adept to personal development and growth, and for that reason I learned a lot of things in this past couple of years. My life simply had a big turn to a more meaningful sense and that made me be more opened to new possibilities.

To be able to share this with you is a big honor, and my goal is to reach those in need of a word of kindness and positive energy. Becoming a more organized person brought me closer to what has been changing my life for the best. Fend Shui. As this is a learning process for me too, my wish is to add value, but also continue to grow by being opened and aware to the new.

So, if your intention is also to live a life with more purpose, and if you want to experience more success, you can get that with some simple changes, and don’t worry about. You are on the right place. It will be a pleasure to help you reach those goals. Together we rock!