7 tips for anyone considering BOX BRAIDS

BOX BRAIDS can be a great alternative if you’re in transition and wants an easier way to go through it. Or for those who want to change their look. I wore box braids when I was doing a hair transition and I loved. Even today, I still do iyt from time to time. When you choose to do box braids, there are a few things to keep in mind.

7 tips for anyone considering BOX BRAIDS

In this post I’ll give you tips can help you make the right decision, especially if you’re still afraid or don’t know anything about it.

1. Look for a good professional

Unfortunately not all people who claim thate they do box braids are really professionals. I suggest you look for someone with a good reputation, and who won’t do tight braids. Very tight braids can result in hair loss and permanent baldness. Especially in the front, which is a more sensitive area.

2. Get ready for a nasty little pain

Even if the professional doesn’t do tight braids, you may still experience some pain in the scalp. This is due because of the weight of hair added to yours, and it happens mainly at bedtime. I suggest an advil (it works for me) while the braids are being done. If you still feel pain after 2 days, it’s a sign that the professional has tightened too much. You should warn her, not to do it so tight next time.

3. It will take time

Get ready to sit for hours while the braids are being done. It’s always better to get it done on a day off and when you have no important commitments. It can take between 5 to 12 hours, depending on the thickness of the braid, and the speed and experience of the professional.

7 tips for anyone considering BOX BRAIDS

4. Choose the type of material to be used before the day of braiding.

When it comes to Box Braids, you have a few choices when it comes to choosing the material. The most common are: Jumbo (synthetic hair) – This is one of the most used by those that want Box Braids, because it’s lighter, not too bright and looks more natural. Kanekalon (synthetic hair) – This is also very popular, but much less used than Jumbo. It looks a bit artificial, it shines a lot, it weighs more, it tangles and it it falls aprta as it ages. I don’t recommend this one. Wool – That’s right. Wool knitting. It is also widely used by Brazilians. The advantage is the variety of color options, and also because its light. Line – Many people prefer this one because of its lightness.

My favorite is undoubtedly the Jumbo. I would not trade for anything.

5. Detangle and condition your hair before doing the braids

The better conditioned your hair is before putting on the braids, the better the results. Clean, hydrated and brushed before starting the braids. I suggest a blowout before doing the braids. It helps the placement and decreases the risk of pain, also preventing your hair from “twitching” out of the braids as time goes by. If you do not know how to blowout your hair, , simply use the dryer and a wide toothbrush, and go slowly stretching. It does not have to be perfect.

6. Do not stay more than 3 months with the braids

For me the ideal is 2 months, but if you have to keep them longer, don’t go longer than 3 months. In addition to the aesthetic factor, one of the main reasons for using Box Braids is hair growth, so if you spend a lot of time with them, you will run the risk of breaking your natural hair, ruining the reason why you decided put use box braids.

7. Conditioner, YES!

This fallacy against the use of conditioner on the hair while you have braids, because they’ll slip, should be stopped. Specially if you have type 4 hair, it needs a lot more moisturizing than the other types of hair. Not using conditioner will leave your hair extremely dry, which increases the risk of breakage. Besides, as I mentioned, don’t wear the braids for more than 3 months, and by the end of that period, if the braids are slipping a little, well, better to slip a little than you losing your natural hair.

Leave me your opinions and comments. Have you ever done box braids? What’s your experience?

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