Why I started meditating

Why I started meditating

Today I want to share with you the reasons why I started meditating and all the benefits that this amazing practice has been bringing to my life.

I actually started to get serious about it after I started practicing Yoga everyday, as part of my morning routine. I basically had the idea that meditating was something impossible for me because I could never clear my mind from my thoughts. I tried to practice a few times before but I always ended up quitting because it was too hard, and to be honest with you, I had no idea of what I was doing.

After creating the habit of having a morning routine and practicing Yoga as part of it, I decided to open myself again for the possibility of meditating, since I only hear good things about it. I gave it a shot! I started reading more about the topic and also watching a couple of YouTube channels that are dedicated to the practice. For my surprise I was able to get a lot out of it, and I finally started my meditation journey. I simply love it!

Like I mentioned before, after I became a mother I strongly felt the need for a change. In a weird but strong way, this was one of the reasons I started meditating. It felt like this was my last chance! For that reason I decided to give my all to become more accountable, consistent and responsible for my own decisions. The good and the bed ones. Meditating has tremendously helped. I keeps me more focused, more aware and more present to everything I do. It also helped me to have more courage to go after my dreams, by setting realistic goals and having more determination to finish my daily tasks to achieve everything I set my mind to.

Why I started meditating

Another reason why I started meditating, was also to prove to myself that I could do it. Like I mentioned before, I always had in my head this negative thought that I was not able to. But yes, I proved myself wrong and now I enjoy every second of it.

I’m not gonna lie to you and say that I never get distracted during my meditation. Actually, distraction always was the main reason I thought I couldn’t do it. Now I understand that getting distracted is normal and even ok to happen. What you have to do is learn how to quickly throw those thoughts out and go back to yourself. I do it by concentrating on my breathing. The techniques that were very helpful were the “Alternate Nostril Breathing”, and the called “Mantra Meditation” which I usually focus on the Ho’oponopono mantra, but I can give more details about all of that on another post.

Well, my loves this is it for today and I really hope that knowing the reason why I started meditating can also help make the incredible decision of starting it too.

Take care.

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