7 Feng Shui tips to attract more love into your life

7 Feng Shui tips to attract more love into your life

Today I’m going to share with you 7 Feng Shui tips to attract more love into your life, bringing more romance and passion to it. You maybe wondering why things are so tense between you and your partner, or if your single, why is so difficult to find a new love. Maybe all you need to do is to pay more attention to the way things are set in your house, more specifically in your bedroom. I understand that can be a little complicated when we have no idea on what to do to attract the love and passion energy flow you deserve, but don’t worry. I’m here to help and share what I personally did to start attracting more love and passion to my own marriage. And let me tell you something. It works!

7 Feng Shui tips to attract more love into your life

Remove clutter from your bedroom

This first tip to attract more love into your life, is also one of the most important ones in my opinion, because it will help attract not only love, but it can also attract the money flow as well. Clutter should be removed from your entire house. It only accumulates bad energy. You should also remove dirty clothes, and keep your bedroom always organized and clean.

Place objects in pairs in your bedroom

It is always good to accentuate couple energy in your bedroom, and you can do that by placing objects in pairs. It can be anything you prefer, such as candles, pillows, hearts, vase with flowers, etc. You’re going to have to be creative on that one. Have fun! I simply love my pair of red heart shaped pillows. Red color attracts passion so it is always a yes, yes.

Make your bed everyday

As part of having a clean and organized bedroom, making your bed is definitely essential to attract more love into your life. Make sure you do it everyday as part of your routine, and always have fresh, clean and good scented bedclothes. If you are divorced, separated or just recently ended a relationship, get rid of the mattress you used to sleep with former partner, as it can contain bad energy from your previous relation. Also remove any other objects from the bedroom that is associated with past partners.

7 Feng Shui tips to attract more love into your life

Place pictures of you and you partner in your bedroom

Placing the couples’s pictures in the bedroom is an excellent way to attract more love into your life life. Choose pictures that you are having fun and or good romantic memories. Do not keep pictures of your kids, pets or other family members. Leave those pictures for different room of the house. The couple’s bedroom is supposed to be a place of intimacy and having your pictures up will only increase it. If your single looking to attract your next loving relationship, place pictures of happy couples that you don’t personally know. You can collect those pictures from your favorite magazine.

Remove any work related items from your bedroom

Like I mentioned before, the couple’s bedroom is supposed to be a place of love and intimacy so you should place all your focus on your partner and not at work. Remove computer, working table and even your phone. All of that will distract you from your goal of attracting more love into your life. You don’t want that, do you?

Get rid of the TV in the bedroom

Television is with no doubt, a big distraction when it comes to having a romantic atmosphere. It always interferes on the couple’s intimate connection and the ability to have meaningful conversations. All the attention that should be going to your loved one, goes to the TV screen. You should know that because the TV is an electronic device, it belongs to the fire element bringing Yang energy, which is not the type of energy you want in your bedroom.

Use red scented candles

This candles are a lovely way to attract more love into your life. They are known to be the Feng Shui love cure, because they have the ability to bring sensuality and passion to the environment. Just make sure you use them wisely because candles strength the fire element that confronts with the water element, so a good idea is to place them in the living room or bathroom instead of your bedroom.

7 Feng Shui tips to attract more love into your life

So that was it for today, my loves. I hope you guys enjoyed it and can take advantage of this! See you on the next post.

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