6 personal tips on how to be productive working from home when you have kids

That’s the question: how to be productive working from home? A lot of people just imagine that working from home is always easier than actually commuting to a work place. It could be, but if you’re not careful you might let distractions interfere in your productivity. That can be even a little more challenging when you have kids.

As I learned how to become a more organized person, I had to adapt working from home with my new reality of being a mom, and I successfully did it by applying this 6 tips that I’m about to share with you.

Regiane Rosa

It really works and it has tremendously helped me to be productive and organized. So, here they are:

1. Wake up early before your kids and have a morning routine

If possible, wake up even before your spouse, if you have one. I personally wake up at 5 a.m. Being up at this time allows me to do things that I find essential for a productive day, without interruptions. It’s my moment. I get up immediately after my alarm sounds. That way I don’t get lazy and discouraged to get out of my fluffy bed. I then, brush my teeth and wash my face. After that I start my breathing exercises followed by meditation. That takes me about 20 minutes and I start my yoga class. When I finish exercising, I read a book for about 40 minutes and when that is over I go over my schedule for that day and see if I need to do any adjustments. I find my morning routine being one of the most enjoyable moments of my day. I totally recommend it!

2. Have a daily schedule

I’m the crazy one when it comes to planning my day. I always plan my day using my incredible Dayminder. That keeps me on track and helps me to effectively get stuff done. First I create a “to do list” and than I plug in the things that have to be accomplished on my daily schedule. When you do that, try to stick with it. Sometimes is not possible to get everything planned done, but I try to get the most out of it, and having it written daily, helps me tremendously. I also have a monthly and weekly schedule, but about that I’ll talk to you on another post.

3. Be present and enjoy every moment

Even though my days can get very busy, I do best to enjoy every moment of it. Another very pleasant moment of my day is when my little Laura wakes up. I love hearing her sounds trying to get my attention to go get her out of her bed. Spending quality time with my baby is very important to me and I really try to be 100% present. That’s why planning my day ahead is so necessary. My husband also have a pretty flexible schedule so we’re able to efficiently adapt to our daughter’s routine and actually accomplish the tasks we have for the day. That way I can really focus on what I am doing on the moment. No matter if I’m working, playing with my baby, cleaning, cooking or spending time with hubby. They all get my full attention.

4. Have your own working space

It essential that you have your own little private space to get things done. Ideal is to have an office but if that’s not possible like it wasn’t for me because we live in a small apartment, get a little corner and make it your working space. What I did was to buy a small desk and a comfortable chair at IKEA for a very reasonable price and bingo! I had my office.

working space

5. Take advantage your kids napping time

Since Laura was born I forced myself to create a routine for her. Besides helping her to be a more calm baby, it also helped me to easily organize my day around the routine that was created. I’m not going to say that it never changes, because she’s a baby and not a robot, but it gives a really good sense of being able take control of the day. If you understand that things could change and that sometimes you have to adapt to it, you’re good. That’s why her nap times are so important for my productivity. That’s when I get most of my daily tasks done. A good routine is very good for both the parents and the children, specially if you work from home.

6. Breath fresh air! Go outside!

When you are a busy mom that work from the comfort of your home, sometimes it gets so comfortable that we forget to leave the house. Specially if your kids are big enough to go out by themselves. It’s important to go outside, breath some fresh air, stretch, exercise. That’s only going to boost your energy to go on with your tasks. I know it could get a little challenging in the winter, but I recommend that you still go outside even if is just for a walk down the corner.

So that was it my loves! I hope those tips can help you on take control and rock your day! See you on the next post.

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