How to attract money with simple attitudes that bring good energy into your home

Fen Shui is an ancient Chinese science that studies the influence of environmental energy on people’s lives.

This technique believes that by decorating and organizing the environment in the best way, you will attract good flows from the universe and the Earth, and you will have positive returns in your life, including finances. For this, it is not necessary to have much money, but to be able to thrive within your reality.

It is not necessary to make major changes or acquisitions to apply this philosophy in your home.

Attract Money with the Feng Shui Technique

1. Get rid of what you no longer use

Make room for new things and allow positive energy to circulate. Take a day to drop what you no longer use or bring back memories that don’t do you any good. Donate, sell ​​or throw away everything you no longer need. When you hold to something you don’t need for fear of letting it go, you are doubting the universe’s ability to provide you with what you need. By completing this task, you will be releasing the flow of prosperity into your life.

2. Use the right colors

Put lime on the walls before you begin to paint them, including the facade, as this substance moves away the bad vibrations. Feng Shui believes that red, violet and green attract plenty, but only use them if you like them. The energy comes from both the colors and the inhabitants, so it will never circulate positivity in the environments if you don’t like how you place looks. If you don’t want to apply such strong colors to the walls, use decorative items such as cushions and frames.

Blue is recommended for the prosperous location of your home, which can often be the home office. This color symbolizes water and generates fluidity. Use it sparingly if the room already has many items that refer to that element.

3. Decorate the entrance

Energy enters through the door. In the logic of Feng Shui, if it is difficult to find the entrance to your home, it will also be difficult for the opportunities to come to you.

Leave the number visible, make sure the buzzer is working and keep the place clean. It is also recommended to decorate the area with a beautiful doormat, plants and flowers. Make your entrance attractive.

The door should open at least 90 degrees, so do not leave any furniture that prevents the opening. The hinges should not creak or jam. Hang wind chimes that work at the time of entering. It brings the sound of wealth.

4. Keep the kitchen spotless

This is the most important room of all. Always keep it clean and organized to allow the flow to spread throughout the home. Never leave dirty dishes, always keep fresh food in the refrigerator, and discard unused items or expired food.

The stove is considered the safe of the house. Many foods that we consume are heated or cooked on the stove, so ir must always remain flawless. To maintain harmony, make sure all the mouths are working and use each one without giving preference to one or the other. Always clean it after cooking. Place a mirror on the wall next to it, or behind it to double the wealth.

5. Leave the house clean and organized

The decor should not look too careless. Pay attention when choosing every detail. A clean and organized house attracts prosperity. On the other hand, the mess eliminates positive energy.

Always take care of maintenance. Infiltrations, cables or burned-out bulbs, will let good opportunities pass.

Bills and documents must be organized in a specific areas to activate prosperity.

6. Make a perfect home office

Leave the free space in front of your desk to attract new customers. According to Feng Shui, the amount of space available is related to the amount of work that will appear for your business. Position the chair so that it has a field of view.

7. Spread flowers and plants

Flowers and plants bring more vitality to the home. To attract wealth, you should opt for yellow, orange or red flowers. The plants that grow up also help to thrive. Sunflowers are a great recommendation. If you have a garden, the tip is to have clay soil.

8. Keep an eye on the water

Feng Shui believes that the bank account spreads through the water. Solve problems like leakage, as it symbolizes your money going away. Also, don’t let the water dripping. It means waste. And still water refers to stagnation. Be aware!

The water in motion brings peace to the environment, health to the residents and abundance of food. Buy an water fountain and if possible, have an aquarium with fishes.

9. Have an impeccable dinner table

This is where people usually gather for meals and exchange experiences, which brings a lot of energy flow. Have a nice decoration of the environment and place a vase of flowers on the table, along with a robust fruit tree. Put a mirror on the wall next to the table to multiply the money.

10. Bring more life into your room

If your room is very cold and with neutral colors, bring more life by adding details and colorful objects. Be careful with the excess. Let the natural light environment the ambient.

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