First-time mother

Hi everybody!

How’s everything going? TGIF and I hope you had a fantastic week. My week was good, although a bit tiring because I’m back in school and the return is always a bit complicated, even more now in my condition, where stairs are becoming a bit of a problem, but it was great to be back and feel active after my brief break.

Anyways, today I want to talk a little about my pregnancy. Those of you that have been following me for some time and watch my channel probably already know that I’m pregnant (link here for those who don’t know my YT channel).

My fertilization was in vitro (here is the video where I explain how it was, in portuguese) and I was very lucky, because I know of some cases where women have to try a few times before being able to achieve the dream of being a mother.

So, how’s to be a first-time mother? Well, a lot of good things has happened since we decided to get pregnant: I remember the joy I felt when we confirmed the pregnancy and the expected date of birth; the questions I began to ask myself that I had not previously even considered: “Can I drink coffee?” (Yes, moderately or up to 200 mg per day), “Can I work out?” (Although recommended in general, it’s always best to ask your doctor), “Are cell phones and microwaves safe?” (Yes, they’re safe), among many other issues that begin to afflict first-time mothers like me.

What about the physical changes that included tiredness and drowsiness, nausea, and sensitivity to odors? Yeah, I went through that, too. Not great, not at all… Emotionally -and I remember it very well- in addition to being very happy, I had a feeling of surprise and shock: “Do I really have a little baby in my belly?”.

Of course I experience some moments of extreme sensitivity and the best way to describe it would be: think of PMS times 10. Yeah, sometimes it’s not easy, the hormone change in the body of every pregnant women is inevitable, but what became more present in me was the feeling of surprise and joy.

I’m now in my 26th week and my girl’s eyes are beginning to open (the eyes are closed in the previous months for the retina to develop) and although there’s not much to see inside the uterus, she can perceive the light, and with the vision and hearing already developed, she reacts to sound and strong light. And let me tell you, this girl reacts a lot. She’s participative and likes to make herself present.

This is my last trimester and from time to time I find myself thinking that despite being very excited for the birth of my daughter, a small part of me wants her to stay protected in my belly for a while longer… It’s a strange, dual feeling, wanting to have her in my arms, in the world, but also not changing the way it’s right now: protected and a part of me. I believe other moms know what I’m talking about.

Well, next week I’ll come back to tell you a bit more about what’s happening to me.


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