The Copycats

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As always, hope all is well with you. Today I want talk about something that we often don’t talk about: people that don’t know what to do, so they copy everything others are doing: the copycats! Since forever there’s been people like this: they don’t know how to create themselves, so they end up:

1) Getting into “fads”, trying to do whatever they think it’s cool at the moment, going in the same direction as everybody else, in hopes that they will get noticed or at least, stay relevant;

2) Using others and copying everything they do, sometimes to the “T”

In the first case we see tons of people talking about the same subject in hopes of gaining more views/clicks/retwittes/likes/followers. Yeah, we are free to talk about whatever we want, but honestly if you are one more talking head without bringing ANYTHING new to the discussion, maybe you should drop it.

The Copycats

In the second case, wow, it’s pretty sad, since it’s always pretty obvious that the person doing the copy that he/she doesn’t have anything to offer, so they “sample” here and there, sometimes from one or many people, in hopes of getting by without anybody noticing it. Nope, we can see what you’re doing, we’re just polite to point it out.

I decided to talk about this after I saw a girl named Diana Alexa that copied several photos from Lauren Muleen: the location, the clothes, the pose and even the captions Lauren wrote for her Instagram. This blew me away, because I have never seem someone copying another person to that extent!

Diana, the copycat, took the time to go to the same place (imagine the expenses) to mirror someone’s else to the T. How is it possible that you go to amazing places and don’t get inspired to do YOU, to show your followers what YOU see and feel, what YOU experienced, but only mirror the experiences of someone else?

I have been to awesome places where the beauty may leaves you speechless, but bursting with creativity, so the idea that one needs to copy someone else is totally bananas to me…

The Copycats

Obviously we all get inspired by the stuff that’s around us: look at Emicida clothing line, he got inspiration by African patterns and Japanese origami foldings. We get inspired and use this to express how we feel, how we see that thing being used. I always get super happy when a reader from here or from my channel writes to let me know how they used something I did, adding their own spice to it.

I guess what I’m trying to say is: be you, do your thing, find out who you are, what you like and use these references to create your own stuff. We all have a ton of things to offer the world and there’s nothing better that being able to express yourself, show who you are, in fashion, doing makeup, on your YouTube channel, taking photos for Instagram… Try to carve your path, talk about what you really love, what moves you, about what you think when you are not thinking of anything. Passion and dedication, together with hard work is what will make people notice you, and how success will find you.


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