Waking up from the American Dream

I hope you’re doing well. I must confess that I’m not so good right now… I woke up today to a different America than the one I went to sleep last night. An America that chose to elect an incompetente, misogynist and racist man to be the President for the next 4 years.

A man that promised revenge on those who questioned him, if he got elected; a man that promised to “finish them off” when referring to the Muslins; a man that refused to rent apartments to minorities (blacks and latinos) for years and was sued by the NYC for doing it, which it’s illegal; a man accused of sexual harassment not by 1 or 2, but 11 women; a man that is currently being sue for the lies about his Trump University; a man that says Mexicans are drug dealers and rapists; a man that clearly is not capable to hold the most important office in the world, a position were intelligence, knowledge, diplomacy and experience are BASICS requirements, and judging by his own actions and words, it’s clear he has none of these 4 basic traits.

Waking up from the American Dream

It’s very difficult to put it into words what this means for me, a black woman, immigrant, naturalized American, with an also immigrant husband. What’s the message that the people who voted for him -among them, the “fine citizen” of KKK and white supremacists groups- want to send to me and others like me. Are we part of the fiber of this society or not; are we welcomed here? When a bully is elected to the highest office, it’s inevitable that other bullies will feel legitimated in their hate and violence towards everybody that they view as their “enemy”. When the president is the bully-in-chief, how safe are we?

Today I fear not only for myself, but for LGBT communities, for the Muslins, Latinos and immigrants from all around the world that believed they could build a better life for themselves and their family here. I’m afraid of what will happen in January, when the president-elected will take office, together with a Congress and Senate seized by the Republicans and the possibility of a conservative judge appointed to the Supreme Court. It’s scary to see so much power in the hands of one party, a party that has been marching towards radicalization, totally unaffected by the needs of the minorities.

I hope that in the comings days, after the initial shock has passed, things start to feel normal again. That I and all the other people that woke up feeling scared and unsure about our future will be able to get reassurances that our rights won’t be taken away.

It’s clear to me now that we will have to get involved and fight for what it’s right. We no longer can dismiss the evil things, we need to speak up and fight for our rights. We cannot give space to evil people that want nothing but the annihilation of those whom they refuse to recognize as human beings. Remember that if you see someone doing something despicable and you say nothing, you’re part of the problem.

In 2018 Brazil will, hopefully, elect a new president and I hope that what happened today here in American will serve as a lesson to us all: do not underestimate your opponent, not matter how inappropriate and pathetic he is. A lot of people can identify with clowns and elect it as their leader.

All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

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