6 Essential Tips on How To Care for your Box Braids

Nowadays we hear so much about “transitioning”, “natural hair”, “curls”, “type 4 hair” and so on. It all comes down to one fact: We black women, are finally coming to terms with our natural hair, and that’s just fantastic! Yes, our hair is beautiful, and yes, we are sick and tired of treating it with harmful chemicals. We want to let it grow naturally and healthier.

6 Tips on How To Care for your Box Braids

One solution is to go with a “protective style”, and one of the most popular is the the BOX BRAIDS. I have them and I love it. So, in this post I will give you 6 essential tips on how to take better care of your box braids so they will look healthier and even more beautiful.
1. Do a blow-out before braiding
A good blow-out before you start the braids will prevent the hair from sticking out, preventing all those flyaway hairs on the braids, something that doesn’t look very good. Plus, the pre-braid blowout will help your braids last longer, and it will hurt less when you are having it done.

2. Protect your hair at bedtime

This one is very simple: use a satin cap before you go to bed. Satin allows the hair and scalp to breath, preventing dryness. If you want to go one step further, you can also use satin pillowcase, which is good even if you don’t have box braids.
6 Tips on How To Care for your Box Braids
3. Keep you hair and scalp always moisturized

The same way that we need water to be hydrated, our hair and scalp also craves for it. So spray some water in you hair at least once a day. If you want you can add a little bit of your leave-in conditioner to the spray bottle to enhance the daily moisture. It only takes 5 minutes, but it will bring great benefits to your hair. You can also apply a natural oil of your choice once or twice a week direct on the scalp before bed, and for sure the night before your wash.

4. Use conditioner

As a professional hairdresser I’ll keep saying: YES, you can use conditioner while you have braids. This talk that it will give you dandruff is just a myth. As long as you rinse your hair well, there’s no problem. This is specially true if your hair is already on its natural texture and has a tendency to be dry. So, conditioner always.

5. Don’t make the braids too tight

Ask your braider to not make it overly tight. This will not help you in any way, and it may even cause a lot of damage to your scalp such as permanent hair loss. The same tip goes to hairstyles: never too tight so it won’t stretch the hair or pull it from the follicle altogether. Always keep in mind the weight of the braids, depending on the material of they are made of, so no need to stress the hair and scalp even more making it super tight.
6 Tips on How To Care for your Box Braids
6. Don’t use the braids for too long

The maximum recommended time you should stay with the braids is 2 months. If for some reason you have to keep it longer than that, I would strongly recommend you not to do it for more than 3 months. If you keep the braids for too long, it may result in hair loss.

That’s it for today. I hope you like these tips.


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