Look of the Day: Cocktail and Awards Party


Hope all is well with you. Today I bring you another look of the day, this one I put together to attend a cocktail-slash-award-party for entrepreneurs, at the invitation of the company I work for.

Let me begin by saying that it was a delight to see so many creative people in one place! Since I go to business school, it’s pretty clear that I love this subject, so I was very happy and honored to be invited. Everything that revolves around innovative and entrepreneurial ideas fascinates me.

Taking a vision that you know is great, organize it, develop it, analyze the short and long-term risks, think about local and global competition, what you can offer that is different from the norm, wow, I know that the path is long and involves several steps, but to be able to see that vision materialized, yeah, how wonderful it must be! I’m sure one day I’ll get there.

Look do dia: Coquetel e Premiação

Look do dia: Coquetel e Premiação

Look do dia: Coquetel e Premiação

Look do dia: Coquetel e Premiação

More and more I see great women rolling up their sleeves and doing fantastic things in the business field, using their good ideas and putting them into practice. Oprah Winfrey, anyone?

[blogoma_blockquote ]Every time you state what you want or believe, you’re the first to hear it. It’s a message to both you and others about what you think is possible. Don’t put a ceiling on yourself. -Oprah Winfrey[/blogoma_blockquote]

Anyway, what about look? Here is the list of what I’m wearing:

  • Top: New York & Company
  • Skirt: Chic Wish
  • Shoes: Ralph Lauren
  • Purse: Chanel
  • Accessories: Aldo

I hope you liked this look of the day, and see you next time.



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