Look of the Day: Red and Black

Are you ready for one more look of the day? I hope so…

These last couple days have been crazy! As my husband told everybody on our latest vlog (do you know I have channel on YouTube? It’s in portuguese, but sometimes I post things in English too), we’re going to Brazil later this month! So, as you can imagine, we’re going crazy trying to leave everything in order here before we go, and on top that we have our work and I’m on my finals, so you can imagine…

I’m not complaining, since the reward is our trip to Brazil. Yay! We’re super excited about it, I’m dreaming about seeing my family, killing the “saudade” (no translation for this word, but the closest explanation would be that feeling of “missing” something or someone), catching up with friends face-to-face (nothing really beats seeing dear friends in person, right?), eating “pão de queijo” (cheese bread), hm, so many good thing to look forward to.

Look do dia: Vermelho e Preto

Look do dia: Vermelho e Preto

Look do dia: Vermelho e Preto

Look do dia: Vermelho e Preto

Well, I’m rambling here. Let’s talk about the look of the day: it’s simple, but to balance the simplicity, I picked strong, bold colors that I believe go very well together. I’m wearing a strapless top that is super trendy this summer, and that I’m sure will be very popular in Brazil’s next summer (coming up in November), since showing off the shoulders is a great way to be sexy without trying too hard.

What I am wearing:

  • Top: New York and Company
  • Skirt: Thrift Shop
  • Sandals: Steve Madden
  • Purse: Michael Kors
  • Watch: Michael Kors

I hope you enjoyed this look of the day.


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