Look of the day: Old and New

Hello darlings,

How are you? I had a very busy week, but is Friday, I’m excited for the weekend, and relieved that I got almost all the things on my to do list done.

Let’s talk about this look of the day I put together. But before I start to list all the items, I want to talk about something I already talked about in my post of the Thrift Store Chic, but that I believe should be applied to shopping in general: rather than spend a lot of money on many cheap itens, you should save up some money to buy at least one quality item that will last you many years.

This goes for clothes (the classic black dress that every woman must have in her closet), good shoes (a classic pair of shoes, like the Louboutin black scarpin, e.g.) and bags.

Always remember: a great item will value your whole look. Also, always ask yourself when making a purchase: does this item will mix well with the things I already have at home? Is this my style or has nothing to do with my personality? Is this item “in fashion now”, but that in 6 months will already be dated or is it a classic that I could be using 5 years from now?

Look do dia: O velho e o novo

Look do dia: O velho e o novo

Look do dia: O velho e o novo

Since not all of us can go out and buy Louboutins or Birkins left and right, it makes sense to save up and invest in a couple of quality things. Even if you buy one single really good item per year, it will already be worth it.

In my case, the item I used to complement my look of the day was my Louis Vuitton bag, which is already with me for a good 10 years, but it’s my darling. From time to time she comes out of the closet because I feel she’s the one that will match the look I’m putting together, which is exactly what I did here, I combined all new things with my favorite bag, which has already become a “vintage piece”.

Finally this is what I’m wearing on this look of the day:

  • Dress: Zara
  • Sandal: Zara
  • Bag: Louis Vuitton
  • Sunglasses: Le Specs

I hope you found this post interesting.


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