Look of the day + Feeling Positive

Today I want to show you one more look of the day. We were going out to the birthday party of a very good friend of mine, so we left home a bit earlier to catch the great light and take some photos.

I’m not sure if I have talked about this before, but my husband is very excited about photography and it looks like became his model, even if in reality he’s turning into “my” personal photographer.😜

He helps me with everything I need and I’m a lucky woman to have such a wonderful person beside me, supporting me in all my choices and decisions. It’s great to feel that you’re have a good supporting system and that there are people in your corner, helping and rooting for you, and in this regard I consider myself very lucky.

Well, shall we talk about the look of the day? With the summer heat that’s going on here, I picked these shorts and a slightly sexy top, without revealing too much, since the focus of the party should be on the birthday girl, and not me, right?

Look do dia + Energia Positiva

Look do dia + Energia Positiva

Look do dia + Energia Positiva

Look do dia + Energia Positiva

What I am wearing:

  • Top – BCBG Maxzaria
  • Shorts – Forever 21
  • Bag – Flea Market
  • Sandals – Steve Madden
  • Watch – Michael Kors

Let me finish by saying that I’m enjoying being able to share all of this with you, and I realize that I’m slowly improving. Nothing like practice.

I hope you’re enjoying it as well. And tell me, who is the person that you’re happy and grateful to have in your life?

xoxo 💋❤️

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