Angola Fashion Week

Today I’d like to share a bit about this amazing event that happened between June 23 to 25. It was the Angola Fashion Week. It happened in Paz Flo Cultural Center in Luanda. There were more than 7,500 people working backstage to make a beautiful and unique event for over 5,000 guests. It was broadcast live for many countries in the world and, thank to social media, people were able to follow it in real-time.

Angola Fashion Week had the presence of big names in the international fashion scene, such as Super Model Maria Borges. She is originally from Luanda and is present in the most prestigious fashion shows, working with top designers like Gaultier, Givenchy, Kenzo and Oscar de La Renta. Another notable Angolan model present in the event was Sharam Diniz. She was one of the few black models on the cover of magazines such as Vogue and GQ, and is also a Vitoria’s Secret angel.

Angola Fashion Week

With the line up of 34 runways, three stylists really caught everyone’s attention: Tom Ford by Du cargo, Alex Kangala and Fio Negro. The event also had 3 Brazilian representatives that did an excellent job: Amapô, Lenny Niemeyer and Ronald Fraga.

The stylists brought lots of Floral, Afroprints, Graphics, Transparencies, and Textures. Jumpsuits were also present as well as the off shoulder style.

Angola Fashion Week

Angola Fashion Week

It is amazing that besides all the beauty and glamour, the producers of the Angola Fashion Week created a campaign called “Let’s dress Angola”, where the number one intention was to raise and distribute a large number of clothes to poor families, and they counted with a big Angolan population participation.

What could be more rewarding than having an awesome Fashion Show and help the ones in need. I love to see initiatives like that.

I’d like to congratulate all involved in this project and I hope to be there next year to be and check everything from very close.

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