Maintenance and care of your hair extension


Hello ladies,

Today I want to live you some tips on how to maintain and wash your hair extensions. I’m gonna talk about two methods that are more common between the “sisters” and are also the ones I personally know more about.


For this method first of all, I recommend you tell your stylist to don’t make them too tight. That can hurt your scalp and cause irreversible damage to it, leading to bold spots in your head, specially in the front.

Keep your weave for no longer than 2 months.


I recommend you wash your weave once a week or even once every two weeks if you can handle it. That way your weave is going to last longer and also have enough time to completely dry. If you sweat a lot or practice exercises regularly, wash it once a week.

How to wash it:

-You should dilute your shampoo with a little bit of water and use a pointy recipient for you to be able to introduce the product on your scalp.

-Open the hair and use the tip of your fingers to massage your scalp. Repite that procedure at least twice more. If you wish, you can use a conditioner (also diluted) inside the weave, but you have to make sure you rinse it very well. On the weave hair you can use shampoo and conditioner normally.

To dry it:

Drying your weave is very important. You’re gonna have to have access to a good hair dryer.

– Open your weave and place the dryer as close to the scalp as possible, but be careful to don’t burn yourself. Keep drying until you are sure the hair is completely dry inside. I recommend you wash your hair during the day time to make sure it finishes drying, in case you did not completely do it with the dryer before.

after the inside is dry, you can now focus on the weave hair. If you’re going to blow it out or use the flat iron, don’t forget to use a good heat protector. After your hair is nice and clean, I don’t recommend you use a lot of products on the hair, specially oils. That, in my opinion, makes you hair look greasy and dirty. If the hair is curly, use a good leave- in conditioner for curly hair.




This is one of the most popular methods in Brazil and also one of my favorites. It’s indicated for all hair types and it’s completely the opposite of what a lot os people think, that I breaks the hair. Once you have a good professional, that is going to give you a good work, you’re safe! You can keep it for up to 3 months.

But please don’t try to take it off by yourself or don’t ask a friend that is not a professional to do it. If you don’t properly take it off, you are for sure going to cut your own hair, causing you to be very unhappy with te method thinking that it is no good, when in reality you are the one breaking it, due to your lack of experience to deal with it. So once again, DON’T TAKE IT OFF YOURSELF. Go back to the professional that applied it for you. They will know what to do.

Once you have it on, it’s very easy to maintain (easier than the weave). You can shampoo and conditioner normally, like you do it with your own hair. I recommend you detangle the hair while you have the conditioner on. Rinse it entirely.




To dry it:

Make sure you dry the little knots very well. You can normally blow it out and and use the flat iron. Also use a heat protector and if the hair is curly use a leave-in conditioner.

When to apply oil to hair and scalp:

At least once a week directly to your scalp, preferably the night before you wash your hair. Keep it over the night.

Remember: Oils are never a bad thing. If you don’t mind the greasy look, you can use it everyday if you want it.

Deep conditioning:

I recommend you do it once a week, or every time you wash your hair. Choose a good mask and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Well, I hope my tips were helpful and you guys enjoy it.

Lots of love.





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    April 24, 2015 at 3:09 pm

    Thanks and welcome!

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    Bruna Santana
    February 1, 2016 at 7:27 pm

    Regiane tudo bem?
    Eu vi em um site você comentando que você já utilizou a vitamina hairfinity.
    Pretendo viajar nos USA e eu gostaria de saber se essa vitamina eé facilmente encontrada em farmacias ou lojas fisicas? Onde eu poderia encontrar?

    Desculpe invadir este teu espaço, mais ficaria grata se podesse me informar. Estou realmente precisando deste produto.



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      February 22, 2016 at 8:32 pm

      Oi Bruna. Desculpe a demora p responder. Não é em qualquer lugar que vc encontra não! Mas tem uma rede de lojas de beleza aqui em NY que se chama RICKY’S, que vc encontra. Te algumas “Beauty Supply”(lojinha de beleza) que vc também encontra. Mas o mais garantido é pedir pelo site deles. http://www.hairfinity.com
      Beijos. Espero ter ajudado.

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